Textiles Industry Applications

With the rising level of automobile production as well as its matching globally supplies based on the quick industrialisation in Asia, Africa and also Latin America plus the increasing need in Eastern Europe, the proportion of fabrics in a motor car is increasing in response to a lot more rigid convenience as well as security demands in developed countries like the USA, Japan as well as Western Europe.

Car textiles, which are non apparel textiles, are extensively utilized in automobiles like vehicles, trains, buses, airplane as well as aquatic vehicles. Thus, the term auto textile implies all type of textile components e.g. fibers, filaments, yarns and also the fabric used in autos.

Virtually two third of the auto fabrics are for interior trim, i.e. seat cover, rugs as well as roofing system and door linings. The rest is used to strengthen tyres, pipes, safety belts, air bags, etc

. It is predicted that nearly 45 square meters of fabric product is made use of in an auto for interior trim (seating location, headlines, side panel, carpeting and trunk). According to a survey, the percentage of fabric in a motor car totals up to 2 per cent of the general weight of an auto. Besides this, noticeable fabric components, removing concealed components such as in tires and compounds, pipes and also filters; total up to 10-11 kg per car in absolute terms. Industrial textiles are mostly used in cars as well as systems consisting of autos, buses, trains, air crafts and aquatic cars. In car fabric industry, four sorts of fabric materials are made use of, particularly:

. Air bag fabrics

. Fabric used as a basis for reduction in weight of body parts

. Tire cord fabrics

. Automotive furniture and other textile fabrics made use of inside the automobile


No question that the air bags aid to conserve lives, but at times they can likewise provide severe injury. The look for a consistent wise airbag, which can view the dimension of the guest or whether the seat is empty and respond because manner, is in progress. Such a ‘wise’ air bag will integrate sensing units to judge the weight, size as well as location of the auto travelers as well as therefore release even more suitably.

Furthermore, included safety and security devices associated with the safety belt in addition to other security items, especially for youngster passengers, are under advancement. The fad towards uncoated fabric materials is anticipated to proceed and so is the improved pattern towards more airbags per automobile and fuII-size bags. There is likewise a technological difficulty of creating the bag by utilizing a lot more reasonable techniques as well as related specifications made by the automobile industry.